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Online Platform for Filmmakers

Best online Platforms for Independent Filmmakers

In the contemporary landscape of filmmaking, independent filmmakers have been empowered by various Online Film Platforms that offer avenues for Film Distribution, Film Funding, International Collaboration, and Global Exposure. These platforms have revolutionized the way films are made, promoted, and shared. With the democratization of technology and the internet, filmmakers now have unprecedented access to …

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Most Successful Short Films

10 Short Films That Redefined Cinematic Brilliance   In the ever-evolving landscape of cinema, the art of short filmmaking has experienced a remarkable transformation over the years. This blog will delve into the world of short films, highlighting why filmmakers have increasingly chosen this format over feature-length productions. We will also briefly introduce eight iconic …

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Filmmaking during Covid

The Covid -19 pandemic breakout has affected the daily life in each and every aspect. Ranging from the educational field to entertainment field everything has been put to a cease. Most of the industries are in downward revenue counting in terms of their annual profit. Entertainment media has been one of them. Filmmaking was next …

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