Top 10 Film Festivals For Comedy Film Lovers

Film festivals serve as vibrant hubs of creativity and cinematic expression, offering a platform for filmmakers to showcase their artistic visions to film audiences worldwide. For comedy film fans who crave a good chuckle, the world offers a treasure trove of comedy film festivals beyond the red carpets and glitz of Hollywood film industry. So, pack your bags, unleash your inner cinephile, and get ready for a side-splitting adventure! With this list of comedy film festivals, you are guaranteed to find a film festival that will leave you with a belly full of laughter and a heart full of cinematic joy.

  1. Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Film Festival (Montreal, Canada)

Nestled in the heart of Montreal, this Film Festival stands tall as one of the world’s premier destinations for comedy aficionados. Beyond the stand-up stages, this undisputed heavyweight film festival boasts a robust filmsection. Prepare for a side-splitting experience with screenings of comedy feature films, documentary films, hilarious short films, and film industry talks featuring comedic giants.

  1. The Second City Works Short Comedy Film Festival (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

In this film festival, comedic filmmaking talent is condensed into hilarious bite-sized pieces. This is the perfect event for those seeking out the next generation of comedic filmmakers pushing boundaries in the short filmformat.

  1. Melbourne International Comedy Film Festival (Melbourne, Australia)

The world’s third-largest comedy film festival takes place Down Under, and it doesn’t disappoint on the comedy film front. Melbourne boasts a strong film program showcasing local and international feature comedy films, hilarious documentary films, and hilarious short films.

  1. Los Angeles Comedy Shorts Film Festival (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Dedicated exclusively to the art of comedic short films, the Los Angeles Comedy Shorts Film Festival provides a platform for emerging filmmakers to showcase their comedic talents in bite-sized doses. Against the backdrop of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour, audiences are treated to a showcase of comedic films that leave a lasting impression.

  1. Brisbane Comedy Film Festival (Brisbane, Australia)

A celebration of laughter and merriment set against the backdrop of Australia’s sunny Queensland this film festival primarily focuses on live comedy performances, this film festival also features screenings of comedic filmsthat complement the vibrant atmosphere of this cultural extravaganza.

  1. Glasgow International Comedy Festival

This is a comedy film festival in Glasgow, Scotland. This comedy film festival started in 2002 and is held annually in March in venues across the city. The aim of this film festival is to have the biggest impact of any comedy film festival in the world. The festival promotes Glasgow as the funniest city in the world and look to celebrate comedy’s role in Scottish culture.

  1. The Edinburgh International Film Festival

Scotland’s crown jewel of cinema, this film festival shines brightly as a beacon for comedy enthusiasts seeking laughter and merriment. Against the backdrop of Edinburgh’s historic streets and majestic landmarks, filmmakersunleash their comedic creations, weaving scripts that resonate with audiences on both a personal and universal level.

  1. Broad Humour Film Festival

This film festival takes place annually in Los Angeles, California. It focuses exclusively on comedic films written and directed by women filmmakers. This film festival brings together female film writers and film directors for a weekend of screenings, readings and events with the aim of fostering greater opportunity for women as filmmakers.

  1. Birmingham Comedy Festival

This comedy film festival is held annually in the city of Birmingham. This film festival has been drawing attention to the city’s vibrant comedy scene since 2001. This comedy film festival has grown into one of the largest independent film festivals in the region.

  1. Found Footage Festival

This American film festival boasts a live comedy event, featuring unusual and humorous found footage clips and films.

These film festivals offer comedy lovers a plenty of cinematic delights, where laughter reigns supreme and filmmakingknows no bounds. These above-mentioned comedy film festivals serve as beacons of laughter that illuminate the cinematic landscape and unite audiences in a shared appreciation for the art of comedy filmmaking.